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Enterprise slogan:
       Hold our hands to create a century-old Ouhua

Enterprise vision:
       A first-class brand reseller and a modern conglomerate integrating science, industry and trade in china’s chemical industry

Enterprise purpose:
       Honest management, haina baichuan, people-oriented, pursuit of excellence

Enterprise values:
       Quality products lie in morality, value comes from service

“Quality Products Lie in Morality”is the values Ouhua has established ever since its inception. Chairman Tao Dongchun always preaches to his employees that no matter in behavior or doing business, one should always adhere to this business philosophy. When a person has a good moral quality, then he/she can make perfect through diligence, think about innovation further, create quality products much further and finally benefit the customer. “Quality Products Lie in Morality” is a kind of tolerance in the life realm and also the simplest attitude relying on which an enterprise survives. One should follow this principle when behaving, so also should he/she adhere to in doing business.

“Value Comes from Service”is a new concept Ouhua people have put forward in recent years to adapt to market changes and customer demands. Chairman Tao Dongchun has stresses in different occasions for times that: When the product is produced, the process of realizing its value is the first competition; pre-sales, sales and after-sales service are the second competition, which, especially after-sales service, is more attractive to customers and more wins customers’ admiration. To this end, Ouhua actively advocates “168” service concept. When the general condition is chaotic and turbulent, can the true color of a hero is reflected. Ouhua cannot achieve its development and growth today without its service. We will continue to carry out all kinds of service activities, enhance our service awareness, improve our service mode, enhance our service quality and truly achieve 100% customer satisfaction.