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On behalf of Ouhua Holding Group, I’d like to extend my sincerest greetings to all the friends at home and abroad for your concern and support over the years!

Ouhua Holding Group is a modern conglomerate mainly dealing in trade and involving in logistics and industry concurrently. Over the years, we have always adhered to the corporate concept of “Integrity Oriented, Pursuit of Excellence”, implemented the enterprise policy of “Adapt to all situations and meet market demands”, focused on safety production and carried forward a spirit of “Unity, Dedication, Innovation, Pragmatism” greatly. After more than ten years of efforts, our company has developed from a little known small business into a modern conglomerate with certain scale, powerful strength and competitiveness.

Road ahead is long, yet, I would go up and down to seek my heart’s desire. Under new historical conditions, Ouhua people would like to join hands with all domestic and foreign friends to explore and make innovation and write a new chapter with wisdom, diligence, unity and struggle and step on a new stage with a new attitude and forward-looking insight.

Let’s bear in mind our pledge always: Join Your Hands, Create a Time-honored Ouhua!